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To order:
first e.mail or phone to confirm requirements (e.mail link on contact page)
and post cheques to the address on the contacts page

Payments can also be made by paypal, please e.mail or phone for details

Pins from left to right:
Pin lengths up to 24" (please specify)
Flat welded single hook 9.50
Flat forged single hook 9.50
If depth markings are required please specify distances from point

Spar hooks to our design or yours (please provide paper pattern)

125.00 each

Custom designs undertaken, quotation on receipt of pattern

Bill Hooks

Dorset pattern 10" 130.00 each
We will quote seperately for your own design or pattern.

Shear hooks left or right handed

Large (aprox blade length 16") 205.00
Small ( aprox blade length 12") 175.00

Short paring knife 15" blade with 16" handle 205.00

Leggate pads
Cast Alluminium pads only (cross vee pattern, or straight vee pattern) 85.00 each
Pads with steel bolt on handle socket, wooden handle not supplied 100.00 each

Hanging ladder spikes (bolt on to ladder, specify width of ladder
and length of spike required)

125 each set

Thatchers needle

255.00 each

Cripples 175 pair, not recommended by health and safety
and used at your own risk.

All prices plus delivery at cost, and not registered for VAT

Tools are all hand-made and not mass or machine produced
Therefore there is a lead time of three to six weeks for delivery

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